The idea of starting my own personal blog has always been in my mind – albeit near the back, often pushed to one side, other more pressing issues in life having always been given priority in the finite world of my limited mind.

But, the time has come, and I largely have to thank my Oxbridge tutor for that. Having had today my inaugural meeting with her, I left the meeting completely and utterly scarred: scarred by the fact that I really don’t know as much about politics as I often claim to know.

It is with that trembling notion that I sit here on my bed, writing my first post in my new blog. How strange a blog is! How arrogant the inventor of the blog must have been, to expect people to read or even care about the opinions and views of someone completely unknown.

The level of self-indulgence required to create a blog is utterly baffling. Yet it seems that that is the very aspect of a blog that is its ultimate quality: the license for me to post whatever I want, about whatever I like.

I love politics, therefore this blog will be all about it. Through this blog, I hope to expand my political horizons, commenting and occasionally analysing what I believe to be worthy stories of the infinite political world. Often, I will inadvertently display political bias based on my personal political ideology. I apologise in advance for any rants or outbursts of any kind that you might find here, but I hope that people of all political ideals and values are able to find common ground in most of my posts.

In 40 years, historians will be tracing the roots of Chow-ism back to this very post.

Watch this space.